Wednesday, September 29, 2010


These aren't just your typical cows, just ask them!  Not only are they Irish Dexter cows, a rare breed originating in Ireland (you didn't guess that did you?) the smallest breed of cattle, but they believe they are human.  And not just human, but more specifically princesses, divas and even sometimes drama queens - Jersey housewives have nothing on these cows!

From L to R: Rosie, Wallie, Sunshine, Zumie and Daughter #3
They can sniff out a cow cookie at 50 paces, and know exactly which pocket and even which hand holds said cow cookie.  They are relentless in their pursuit of cow cookies.  

Daughter #3, Zumie and Wallie
No finger shall go unlicked, no pocket shall go unsniffed.  These cows of podunk are not shy and retiring.  They have a mission, and neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will deter them.


And when you run out of cow cookies, they will follow you to the ends of the earth, across the pasture, even up on the side of the trailer, all just to be double - nah, triple sure that you are REALLY, REALLY out of cow cookies, because it is simply beyond their comprehension how we could let this happen when they are clearly not finished eating cow cookies.


Even thought it is perfectly clear when looking at their slightly chubby figures, they might want to check out what cow diet options might be out there - Cow Watchers, Jenny Cow-raig, Low Cowrb, South Beach Feedbunk.


And then when we drive away, they give us the evil eye.  Luckily, cows have a short memory, and so tomorrow when we drive in the pasture the hunt for cow cookies begins again!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trip to Cincinnati


This week my job takes me to Cincinnati.  It all started off with a 6am flight, which means leaving the house at 4:45am (I really don't even want to know that 4:45am exists!).  After going thru security, my flight was canceled and I was rebooked on an entirely different airline with a connection in my least favorite airport, and onto a third airline.  I was completely sure there was no way my luggage would make it.

who knew the Cincinnati airport was in Kentucky?

After arriving in Cincinnati, I headed down to pickup my luggage, and AMAZING, my bag was there!! 

On the bus to the rental cars

Then a quick trip on the rental car bus over to pick up the car of the week.  I still struggle with remembering what car I'm driving every week.  I come out of a restaurant or hotel and have to stop and think about what I'm driving.  Thank goodness for keyfobs so the car will honk for me!

Picking up the rental car

The car was waiting (not always the case at this rental agency!) and I headed to the office to start my week.  Tonight, after being so lucky with my luggage, the connection and the rental car, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket!  

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome to My Life in Podunk

In an attempt to share the crazy, ridiculous life I live, I hope to make someone smile or laugh everyday with the things that have come to be know as my life.