Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A new DOG in Podunk

Meet Lucky.  She is the new DOG of Podunk.

We adopted (insert I was coerced by my daughters) her from the Humane Society last night. The daughters and I had gone to look on Saturday, and Monday (they are closed on Sunday) and again last night.  We had the choices narrowed down to two when we left on Saturday.  We went back on Monday to look again, and play with the two choices, and then again last night for one final test, the walk on a leash test. The daughters will be walking this dog ALOT!

Both dogs passed, but they decided on Lucky.  The Humane Society identified her as a Newfoundland mix.  She is full grown, and about 40 lbs, so I would have to guess the "mix" is more of what she is and the Newfoundland is less!  According to a website I found on Newfoundland dogs, a female weighs 100 - 120lbs with a "calm disposition"... ummmm, no.  The website also say Newfoundland dogs like water.  We don't know if she likes water yet, but she does like to drink water.  She has not met the Cows of Podunk yet, but there will certainly be pictures of that! 

Ginger was our second choice and you can find her here.  She is a red heeler mix, and would make someone an excellent companion.  She had much less energy than Lucky.  A really good thing  in my book, but the daughters wanted a more "fun" dog. 

This is what the CAT of Podunk thinks of our newest addition.

Annie is NOT impressed, and wants to know when that "thing" is going back!  What an evil stare she is giving the dog and me... mostly me.  Then she walked away and circled back just to give the dog a look that spoke of her superior being status before walking away again!

Lucky wants to know when she gets to play with the cat. 

 The cat says never.

On a lighter note, the dog (aka Lucky) needs a new and improved name.  She doesn't recognize the current name anyway.  We are taking suggestions.  Humane Society names are so generic (although she may have come with the name, don't know).  Ideas from the Daughters so far include Baylor and Bling.  The hubby voted for "dog".  Any great ideas??

Complete side note:  The daffodils are in bloom in Podunk!  Spring is here.

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  1. The name Lucky already seems okay. If she’s not comfortable with it, maybe you can call her Daffodil. :D I actually based that on the last part of this post, then, I realized that it’s better. Maybe you can just give her a nickname once you name her Daffodil. You can call her Daffy to make it short. What do you think?
    Liza Bedoya