Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Humphree joins our cow herd!!

We have been waiting 10 months for him to get here, and now he finally is!  Let me introduce you to WR Humphree, the first Irish Dexter born on our farm.  Isn't he a stud muffin?

His momma is Rosie, our very first Irish Dexter, and this is her first calf.  We bought Rosie when she was just 6 months old, and she has been daughter #3's show heifer for two show seasons.  Sometimes she is a little stubborn, and can be onery occasionally, but we love her lots, and think she did a great job creating Humphree.

You can see in the corner of this picture that the rest of the herd does not know what he is, and are soooo curious.  I had to get out the feed bucket and move them to the other pasture, because they kept knocking him over.  I left Sunshine with Humphree and his momma for a little company, and also because she has horns, so if a coyote or dog decides to come too close to this precious bundle, she will be able to help defend him.  Not that I have any doubts of Rosie's ability to defend him! 

Momma did a great job licking him off, and our little stud muffin was up and about looking for some dinner in no time.  I wasn't sure if Rosie would have enough milk, because her udder sure looked small, but he didn't have any trouble.

And within an hour, it was just like he was part of the herd, following momma all over the pasture while the rest of the herd stood at the fence and watched him.  He is so cute, the size of a Lab dog, about 35 lbs, and sooooo soft it's amazing.  Rosie let me pet him while she watched and made the softest moo I've ever heard.  It was precious, just like Humphree.

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