Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Cards courtesy of Shutterfly!

For the last several years, we have done the Christmas photo cards and have had alot of fun trying to figure out where to take the picture and what to wear and then what kind of card to make.  This year is no different in that respect, but we ABSOLUTELY know where we will be getting the cards made: 

Now we just needed to decide the rest.  We did a Christmas card with all the girls on their horses a couple of years ago.  Our oldest doesn't even like to ride, but this was her idea.  I am so glad we did this.  She was on my old mare, and the mare died the following fall.  What a great memory! 

Last year, the three girls thought it would be an excellent idea to take the picture on top of the tin roof of the barn.  It was a comedy of errors to watch them get on top of the barn, but they did it, and it turned our great!

This year, I left it completely up to them again.  They decided they wanted pictures taken on an old loading dock in town, where the oldest got her senior pictures taken.  We used Shutterfly to have a canvas picture done for the grandparents.

Here are some of the pictures that didn't quite make the cut!

This last one is so good, but someone has their eyes closed!  It's that always the way.  But despite some trials, we got some really good pictures, and with the help of Shutterfly, I have so many cards to choose from.  I haven't made a final decision, but I'm down to the final few choices.

As soon as we decide you will be the first to know!

They sure are making it hard to decide!!

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