Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today, I finally broke down and sorted all the socks in the sock basket.  Doesn't everybody have a sock basket?  I used to have a little sock basket, but now that I travel every week, the size of the basket grew.  Pretty soon, I will need a sock trunk!  I really really hate this chore, but it has to be done.  I'm going to invent a machine that will sort my socks - I will be a gazillionaire!  I don't know anyone who likes to sort socks.  If you like to sort socks, could you come to my house?  I could pay you in pumpkin bars!

If only it were as easy as this lime green pair on top. Technically, they really are not socks, but still, they are easy to find the pair.  Yes, I'm all about the easy pickings! I would even cheat if I could figure out how to.  I have tried to make it a game for my daughters, and I think that might have worked once.  That's the trouble with smart kids!  

 Go figure this one?  How do I have 3 of these lime green (my phone does not do these colors justice) and neon yellow socks?  For that matter, why I would have 2 of them?  I'm pretty sure my sister in law bought these very colorful socks for my girls.  She really likes color.  I like color too, but not lime green and neon yellow plaid.  What does one wear these socks with?  I'm thinking knee high dairy boots.  That's the only place I would wear them.  My girls will wear them with anything, even flip flops (no I'm not kidding).  That must be why they think I'm old.  

 Now these socks are just the cutest ever.  My senior in high school daughter wears them all the time.  She used to have a pair that were pink pigs too, but sadly she loved them too much, and they got holes.  I wish these guys were guard dogs and would keep a watch over the lime green/yellow ones so they stop making extra socks and driving me crazy.

 Here is another pair that are really loved, note the white thread - my youngest daughter's attempt to mend them so I won't throw them out!  Yet another pair that is easy to match, although I always wonder if she really wears the right sock only on the right foot.  What am I thinking, of course she doesn't! 

I couldn't find the mates to either of these socks.  The one that looks kind of orangie in the picture is really neon orange, and the other is bright blue and purple.  How do socks this color get misplaced?  Apparently, my youngest daughter informs me, they belong to Rebecka, and she always wears miss matched socks.  No, Rebecka does not belong here, but she is the youngest daughter's bff and visits often.  She went home, but her socks stayed behind, and probably her jeans and maybe a pillow and stuffed animal.  It's a conspiracy - who intentionally wears miss matched socks??  Rebecka, that's who!

 I didn't know who these belonged to either.  They were too big to belong to my daughters, but my hubby doesn't wear shortie socks.  Turns out they belong to Nick, my oldest daugher's boyfriend.  He doesn't live here either (just to clarify) but his socks do.  Laundry lady to the masses right here!  Do you have socks you want to bring to my house?? because apparently I will wash and try to match anyone's socks!

 How do you loose the mate to a hot pink swirled sock?  Really?? and it's fuzzy to boot.  I would be very sad to have to throw this one out.  It would make an excellent cleaning sock.  Oh wait, that would mean I would have to clean!  Scratch that idea!!

And these two... It's like they belong together, only one is a sock and one is a glove.  Neither one has a mate.  What are the chances they are almost identical? Did the sock get tired of being a sock and shape shift into a glove?  Or did the glove get tired of always being cold and decide it would rather be smelly than cold? 

I've almost matched up everything I can.  The basket on the right is matched and the basket on the left and in front of the baskets are no matches.  This isn't good. 

So now I'm off to search high and low, under the couch, under the beds, under the cat, in shoes, in the sunroom, in backpacks, in closets, in the car for stray socks to see if I can get the rest of these matched up.  I swear when I'm done, I am going to work on this sock matching invention!! 

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