Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25 Cent Sunday

For the last few weeks, my 3 daughters, granddaughter and I have been sharing some quality time, and making great memories on Sunday mornings with a new obsession of ours -  THE 25 CENT SALE.
Our local thrift store has item with certain colored tags for 25 cents or 5 for $1.00.  Amazing! Incredible!  To quote one of my co-workers "you can't get anything for 25 cents".  Oh, but you are wrong. 

This past weekend, here is what we got:

Fancy little basket - already holding the remote at DD#1's new house.

Two Jones New York sweaters for me.  The gray is a long sleeve, and the pink on it exactly matches a scarf I just finished crocheting.  The blue is short sleeved.  Both are in perfect condition.  I wore the gray one and the scarf to work today.

An adorable skirt for DD#3 to wear for various school functions.  If she only wears it once, I'm money ahead!

Two more baskets for DD #1 new house.  No, the apples were not included, but by the time I got the pictures, the fruit was already in there and on her kitchen counter.  The darker basket with a handle is now in her guest bath with wash cloths.

Three knit shirts of various sizes that I purchased to make bibs for Ms Paytan. The green one is Paul Frank.  I am planning on using the "bapron" pattern that DD #1 found here via Pinterest. It's such a cute pattern, with an even cuter baby model.  I can't wait to make one (or actually several).

Three great guys plaid shirts.  One is Old Navy, one is Ralph Lauren, and one is Redhead (Bass Pro brand).  I can't decide what exactly to do with these, but I love the colors.  They will either become bibs for a little nephew (maybe not the pink one!), throw pillow covers, or rag quilt pieces.  Maybe all three!  DD#1 also bought 3 men's shirts that I didn't get a picture of, and they are already throw pillow covers.

Two light weight shirts to make little summer dresses and diaper covers for Ms Paytan.  Thinking something lady bug from the black checked one, similar to this dress I found on Pinterest.

DD#1 bought 2 summer dresses (back row) and two summer tops.

She also bought this simply darling little top. It is going to become a dress for Ms Paytan to wear to DD#2 high school graduation.  Love the details, and while you can't tell very well from the picture, the buttons are sparkly.

And certainly not least, a Carter's sundress in perfect condition.  This one will have to go into a rubbermaid storage tub for next summer, but for 25 cents, DD#1 will happily store it.

What I didn't take pictures of were the 6 throw pillows of different sizes that are all going to be recovered, a king size sheet that is going to become curtains for DD#1 guest bedroom, 2 sweatshirt that DD#2 is going to do something crafty to, a pair of jean shorts for DD#3, a picture frame and a gray, never been worn blazer for me to wear to work.

In total, I spent $4.00 (this includes DD#2 and #3), and DD#1 spent $9.00. 

Now, I must craft and sew everything I bought so we can go again next Sunday.

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