Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My New Fat Quarters

I found this quilt that I simply LOVE on Pinterest.  So basic, but so colorful.

And I followed the link off of Pinterest to a blog called Stitched in Color.   She has a whole tutorial on how to make this quilt.  At first I was thinking "what a great idea for my scraps", and in fact I think that's what I said on my pin.

But then, I remembered that I have a nephew due in February, and this would be an easy baby quilt to make.  Only problem was I wanted some really great farm/boy fabric, and the "box" fabric stores near Podunk just don't have the best selection.  So, I followed the advise on the blog, and visited her advertisers... isn't that what all bloggers want you to do anyway?

I found this great fabric, in fat quarters, just as her blog suggested.

Isn't it fabulous? Lots of tiny cows and sheep and pigs and tractors. Just what a little boy needs.  And more than enough to make this quilt with!  I might even have scraps left over to make bibs out of.

I ordered it on a Friday.  They shipped it on the same day, and I got in on Tuesday.

I highly recommend ordering online!  It was so easy.  I will be doing it again. I got this fabric from Fat Quarter Shop.  I will be posting pictures of the quilt when I'm done.  I will, however, be making one slight change to the original instructions - I will be sending this off to get machine quilted.  I've tried to quilt them myself, and it always comes out looking like a herd of monkeys did the quilting! 

No monkey quilting for the new nephew!

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