Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's better than cheap??

Free of course!

Daughter #2's boyfriend Landon was helping move a friend's warehouse, and the people who owned the building were getting rid of these "shelves".  For free!

But they are BIG, and HEAVY, so we borrowed a flat bed trailer from a friend and brought them home to make into three sided buildings - one for the cows and one for the horses.

It took 6 of us to unload the things off the trailer... I think Landon loaded them by himself.  (He's handy.. I think I'll keep him!)  Then we bought runners for the bottom, and 4 x 8 sheets of plywood for the sides, and some tar paper for the roof (which they had used as a shelf).

Now if they will just magically assemble themselves.  We are currently in talks about the "right" way to make these buildings, so I would estimate they will be done right after winter turns to spring and the cows no longer need them.

Sunshine believes this. 

 "More cow cookies please!"

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