Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Santa...

I just returned from my trip to Las Vegas and San Francisco.  You won't find any pictures or writings about San Francisco, because it was rainy and foggy the one day I was there.  But while I was in Las Vegas, it was the week of the National Finals Rodeo, and also the World Series Team Roping Finals.  This prompts my letter to Santa.

Dear Santa, 

For Christmas, I would like

 a Cowboy Cadillac. I realize that this particular one might be a little bit big for your sleigh, so any of these would be acceptable as well.

Please have the decals be my ranch name, and if your elves could work on a awesome logo for me, that would be even better!

These graphics are really cool, but just a tad busy.  Would your elves tone this down please?

I really like this color, Santa.  I note that most of the Cowboy Cadillacs are white, so something different would be good.  I did not see a pink one... a pearlize pink one would be fabulous!

This one was nice too... basic, droolworthy cowboy cadillac.

Santa, I really love this paint job.  I think some flames on pearlize pink would be great, and fit right into the Wild Rose Ranch logo the elves are working on. 

Any of these cowboy cadillac models would be acceptable! Oh, and while you are working on my Christmas gifts, could I also get a gas gift card for a very LARGE amount?  I'm guessing these vehicles don't get very good mileage!

Thank you Santa, the cows and I have been a really good!!

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