Friday, December 3, 2010

I blame the cat!

I am generally work from home on Fridays.  Conference call after conference call is my day, but the bright spot is my cat, Kitten.  Not a very creative name, I know, but we could never agree on her name, so her name is now Kitten, and she says she likes it.  She talks to me and my daughters think I am a crazy cat lady.  Kitten doesn't care, and neither do I.

She is my indoor/outdoor Japaneese Bobtail.  She is an amazing hunter, and is the mother of Ziva, also a bobtail.


And the adoptive mother of twins, Dusty & Zoe.  They came to us when they were less than one week old.  One of the daughter's friends had found them in a ditch, and called to see if we had a momma cat that might take them.  Who could dump these adorable babies in a ditch?  Kitten took them in, cleaned them, fed them, and never once complained.  Amazingly, they are bobtails too.

Dusty with a mouse

Zoe with a mouse

The usual Friday morning routine is, get up, make coffee, let Kitten in and feed her, boot up computer and sit down with coffee, and Kitten joins me on my lap, where she stays until I am done with my morning conference calls.  But NOT today.  Today she wanted to play with the Christmas tree, and it's ornaments.  (Note to self:  Next year we need square ornaments.)

She stalks the ornaments.

She messes up the tree skirt.  Poor mr. bear on the tree skirt hates this.

When I scold her, she runs under the table to get a better angle at the ornaments.

The blur is Kitten running after the ornament that she just knocked off the tree.  She can only be inside when I'm around to watch her now that the tree is up. 

This is why my Christmas tree is always missing ornaments, ornaments are all over the floor, and why the tree skirt is always a mess.  It's also why there are no presents under the tree... she would tear into them!  For all these things, I blame the cat!!

And then, just when I think she must go back outside because she is getting into too much trouble, and because I am totally distracted from my conference calls, she does this.  Who could not love a sleeping, purring Kitten?? 

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