Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guess where I am??

After three wonderful weeks of no travel, I am once again on the road.  I fully intended to continue posting at least one entry every day, but then I went off and left my cable that connects my computer and my camera,  so I have all these great pictures, and no way to put them on my blog.  I finally got a chance to run to the office supply store and pick up a SC card reader, so I can now post my pictures. 

Here's a hint... I took these from the top of a parking garage (so they have parking garages here!)

Yes, I'm in Las Vegas!  And this is the very first time I've ever been here.  I am here on business, so I only got to have fun in the evenings, and I did take off for the airport about 4 hours early so I could see just a little!  My boss just reminded me that since the company was paying for this trip, if I won enough money to retire, I could not retire until the current project I'm working on is done in July!!  Luck for her, I didn't even gamble.  What I did do was drive down the Las Vegas Strip!

Past New York New York

Past the Stratosphere

Past the Wedding Chapel... there were several of these!

Past Mandalay Bay, and right to.....

How lucky am I?  It's the National Finals Rodeo week in town, and I was so excited when I landed and found that out.  I went two nights, not the the NFR ('cuz it was super expensive to get crappy tickets) but to the World Series Team Roping finals which was free.  I don't have any pictures from the rodeo action, as cameras were forbidden, they wanted people to buy those from the professional photographers that were there. 

I also went to the Las Vegas Bass Pro shop - this was HIGHLY recommended by the employees at the Las Vegas office.  I didn't have the heart to tell them I live really near the home of Bass Pro, and their little shop is kind of little in comparison.  It did have this neat lion display, and also

These cool moose. 

I'm at the airport, waiting to go to San Francisco next before heading home.  Never been their either, but should be fun.

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