Saturday, April 28, 2012

The "Art" of procrastination.

Our best friend's daughter K is going to have a baby.  We've known K since she was maybe 3 or 4 years old, and have watched her grow up, to to college, move off, come back, go back to college again, move off, and move back.  Typical 20's stuff.  Around Christmas, she and TJ announced they were going to be parents, and our friends are pretty excited.  This will make grand baby #3 for them.

K's baby shower was Saturday, and while I had the best intentions, when I woke up on Saturday morning, her present wasn't done.  Well, to be perfectly truthful here, it wasn't even started!  While this might throw most people into some sort of panic, I just looked at the fabric (which I had purchased on Monday, and washed on Tuesday) and went and made come coffee.  The shower didn't start until 1:30pm.

I started in earnest, cutting out the fabric about 9am, right after DD#2 and DD#3 left for a 4-H function.  I had decided to make here some baprons and some burp cloths, matching of course, and in her jungle nursery themed fabric. 

Fabric found at Hobby Lobby
I had decided to make her 3 of both, so I cut 3 bapron pieces from each of the fabric to make one bapron from the animal print, one from the green plaid, and one reversible.  You can find this great pattern by visiting Jess at "Craftiness is not Optional".  If you haven't been over there she has tons of great patterns and tutorials and the most adorable baby ever!

Cut 3 from both fabrics

Then I cut out the burp cloths.  I found this great, super easy pattern at "Cloud 9 Fabrics".  I started out only going to make 3, but had just the right amount of fabric to make 4, so 4 it is.  I didn't take pictures of that - kind of dull actually. 

Now it's about 9:30am.

I started sewing.  I didn't take pictures of that either (hard to sew and photograph).  The burp cloths took about 30 minutes beginning to end (I do have a serger, your time may vary) including the top stitching that really makes them look nice.

Now it's about 10am. 

I started on the baprons, and got the fronts and backs sewn together and was ready to started the bias tape trim when I suddenly remembered, when I purchased the fabric, I didn't pick up the bias tape. I rummaged through my stash of bias tape and had a dark brown and a lime green, enough for two bibs, so finished up the two bibs.

Now it's about 11am. 

I've never made bias tape before, but I've read a couple of tutorials, so I pulled out my fabric stash, and found what I thought  hoped would be enough to make bias tape. 

Then I went and took a shower so my hair would have time to air dry.  I MOST CERTAINLY did not take a picture of that!

Now it's about 11:30am. 

I pulled out the iron, and the ironing board, and a ruler.  DD#1 has my rotary cutter and mat, so the bias tape will have to be done the old fashioned way.  I cut out 2" wide strips of fabric on the bias, and kept cutting until I thought hoped I had enough.  I sewed all of my strips together, and then measured the strips - whew, just enough.  Now, with my trusty iron and ironing board I ironed the double fold bias tape.  I did not take pictures of that either.  Hot iron, camera, fingers... I didn't see that turning out well.  The good news is that the bias tape turned out perfectly.  The really good news for you is that I can advise you to never make bias tape this way, instead go to the tutorial I found here and follow it.  Dana at "MADE"  explains it better than I ever could.  I will be making all of my bias tape following her instructions from now on.  Not one bit scary, now that I've done it.

Oh, and it's now noon.

I took my adorable brown gingham bias tape and finished bib #3.

It's 12:20pm.

Middle bib is reversible

Entire jungle set
I got out my gift bag and "wrapped" up the little jungle set, added the card, then straighted my hair and threw on a nice shirt (defined by me as anything not a t-shirt) and out the door. 

It's now 1pm. 

Short drive to the church where the shower is taking place.  Walk in the door - it's 1:25pm.

Now that's the art of procrastination!


  1. They turned out so cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  2. Welcome to My Life in Podunk - so glad you stopped by. I completely fell in love with the jungle print fabric. I think I need to go get some more and make some bibs and burp cloths ahead for the next baby shower :)