Friday, May 4, 2012

The Ducks are CRAZY!

I think I mentioned (or I meant to mention) a few months back that DD#3 brought home 3 baby ducks from an auction.  At the time, we weren't even 100% sure they were ducks.  We thought they might be geese.  Clearly we are not poultry people here.  They lived on my sun room in a giant rubbermaid container for a few days until we could build a duck corral.  They moved to the duck corral and they stayed there during the day, and came back into the sun room and the giant container at night so they wouldn't be cold.  They started living in the duck corral full time about a month ago.  The duck corral has a water hydrant that leaks in the middle of it, so we put a large pan under it, and the ducks have a little pond in their corral.  They love it. 

The crazy part - I really am getting there.  So just earlier this week, we decided that the duck corral was getting a bit small for them full time, and we opened the gate for them during the day.  The first day, they never came out of the duck corral.  Apparently ducks are chicken!  (A little poultry humor on a Friday!) The second day, they came out, but got scared by the dog, who just wanted to sniff their butts.  It's a dog thing, but it certainly is NOT a duck thing. 

Finally, the rest of the week, they have been roaming free in the back forest yard, eating bugs, swimming in the dogs water dish, swimming in the puddles in my driveway, trying to swim in the cat's water (only one foot can fit in there) and being CRAZY!  They have figured out that the duck food is in the sun room, and peck on the windows to get fed.  And when I say peck, I think they have really built a catapult somewhere in my backyard and are flinging each other into my windows.  A few times I've gone running to see what just happened, and they are always just standing there, on my patio, ever so meekly, wagging their little duck tail feathers. 

And then I feed them and they stop being crazy.

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