Sunday, May 6, 2012

Give a pig a cookie

It's a tough job, being a pig in Podunk.  Lot's of sitting and thinking.

Sometimes it involves standing and sniffing the air.

Or curling up with your friend the calf and taking a nap.

But occasionally, it involves going to a petting zoo. 

The petting zoo is where we found out the pig likes cookies.  A nice lady shared her chocolate chip cookies with the pig.  When we got home I decided to bake the pig and her buddies, Chica, the calf and Rooster some cookies for being so great with the little kids.  I decided against chocolate chip - I know dogs can't have chocolate, so I reasoned livestock in general probably shouldn't either.

Time to pull out the Betty Crocker cookbook.  I'm sure when Betty was writing her recipe for Oatmeal cookies, she didn't ever envision them to be pig cookies, but the pig thinks Betty did a pretty good job. 

I made them pretty small, around an 1" in size - just one bite for a pig.  She loves them!  And them meet standards for feeding animals here in Podunk...all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics and multi-species. The calf and Rooster will eat them, but don't go crazy for them like the pig.  

One of the horses of Podunk likes them.

One took a cookie and then spit it out,

and the third one just turned up her nose at the entire idea of eating a "pig" cookie.

The pig is pretty excited that she doesn't have to share.


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