Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It Slices, It Dices, It Makes Julienne Fries!

Meet my newest kitchen gadget.  Maybe I exaggerate a lot just a touch in the post title, but this thing is NIFTY!

It's a Tupperware Chop 'N Prep (I love my tupperware) and my kids won it at a 4-H horse show!  I like the horse show prizes, the kids, not so much!  See the little white handle on the top of the lid?  You pull it, just like starting a weed whacker, to chop up your vegetables - chop only (no slicing, dicing or julienne-ing. I just thought that was a catchy title). 

You put your vegetables in (or I guess it could be whatever kind of food you want chopped) and close the lid.  It's kind of small (you get about a cup of the chopped whatever), but we'll call it fun sized.  Then you pull the cord 5 or 6 or 10 times, and voila, chopped up stuff!

I chopped up cabbage for these pictures, I'm going to make egg rolls later.  DD#3 made fresh salsa last night in about 5 minutes, which we scarfed down in under 5 minutes! I am also going to try chopping up a leftover grilled chicken breast to make chicken salad for lunch today. This would be a great gadget for a younger child to be able to help in the kitchen.  Self-contained - no mess and no chance of chopping off your fingers!  Would also be great to take camping, no electricity required.

I am so excited about my new little chopper - I added it to a blog party over at "The Johanson Journey".  Go check it out! I say it's mine (even though the kids won it) since I'm sure I will be the one using it and washing it.  Oh, and it's dishwasher safe too - at least when I ran it through the dishwasher it didn't fall apart or anything.  The only down side to this (in my opinion) is the price if you have to buy it - retails for $45.00.  Personally, I'm hoping there is another horse show soon with Tupperware prizes!  



  1. What a great find!! Thanks for linking up with me for SHOW US YOUR FIND! I'd love to pin you on pinterest. Can you add my button or link back to me so it helps spread the word for my link party!? I'm excited to see what else you find in the future to share!! xoxo

  2. I picked up one of these from Tupperware a couple of years ago. The design is a bit different but does the same work. I love using it.